Thank you for the visiting Zero Day Challenge!

Seriously, thank you for stopping by! If you haven’t met me before, hello, my name is David! In January 2017, I created a personal finance blog called Zero Day Finance. I created the blog because I have a spending problem, and a big one at that. In 2016, I spent every post-tax dollar that I earned on stuff. I can name a few things, but forgot most of what I bought. If you buy something and you can’t even remember what you bought, was the purchase worth it? In the end, I was buying things because I was sad. Spending money made me feel better, so I would swipe my credit card anytime I felt down.

The worst part is that I thought I was a good budgeter. I had a nice spreadsheet where I entered in my monthly budget and savings. I thought everything was fine, but it wasn’t. I needed to create a way to help control my spending, and find more fulfillment out of life. This is what lead me to create my original blog, and the Zero Day Challenge.

I first wrote about the Zero Day Challenge on my original blog. I worked really hard and reduced my spending by more than 30%. My success with the Zero Day Challenge is saving me more than $18,000 per year. When I created a blog post about my savings, I ended up getting a lot of attention from Rockstar Finance, You Need a Budget, and even CNBC! With tens of thousands of people reading about the Zero Day Challenge, I realized a single blog post wasn’t enough.

That is why I created this website. Here you will find all of the information about the Zero Day Challenge that you could ever need. What it is, how to do it, different techniques to constantly improve. What resources I use to improve how much money I’m saving. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take the Zero Day Challenge. Are you ready?

Hello, my name is David, and welcome to the Zero Day Challenge! I’m a Millennial software engineer, and also a huge personal finance nerd. I created the Zero Day Challenge to provide solid financial advice, and help me (and you!) take control of my spending problem so that I can achieve my dream of retiring early. Feel free to email me: david[at]

Hi, my name is Julia! Sometimes referred to as “Zero Day Fiancée.” I helped with a lot of the design components of Zero Day Challenge. I also run my own 5-figure online business from the comfort of our home. My goal is to earn enough from my side business, so I can quit the regular working world for good and live life on my own terms. Feel free to email me at: julia[at]

Woof woof! My name is Zero Doge Finance, but you can call me Bo. I really like laying on David’s laptop while he’s trying to write. Oh, don’t mind the “cone of shame,” I couldn’t stop scratching my eye, so my humans had to stop me. At least I got a bunch of treats! Wait, do you hear that? Somebody’s calling me a good boy, gotta go! Please send treats to bo[at]