The Zero Day Challenge has had a life changing impact on me. I’ve managed to reduce my spending by more than 30%, which will be worth more than $400,000 when I retire. But don’t just take it from me, see what other people have to think!

“It forces you to adopt a level of organisation that a standard budget would pale in comparison to. More to the point that spending nothing – I mean literally ZERO – directly puts you in a position to save more!”Money Tree Man
“When trying to stick to a budget, often the little expenses add up and make you overspend. The Zero Day Challenge gives you the platform to be transparent about your spending habits, allowing you to beat your savings goals!”Money Tree Lady
It’s been helping me figure out if I really need to make a purchase or not. It’s also a fun way to reduce spending if you are just getting started, without making drastic cuts to your budget.Sam Roberge
We’re always up for a good challenge, and the Zero Day Challenge is a fun way to save! We racked up 16 zero days in our first month and hope to improve on that moving forward. It’s easy and effective, and you’ll watch the savings pile up!”Our FI Journey
Taking on this challenge did not mean self deprivation. We don’t need to spend a lot of money to be happy. We enjoy the outdoors, being together as a family and this challenge just made it fun.A Journey to FI
“Zero Days are a great inspiration to put off a spend till the next day. Taking a moment to think about a purchase gives me a chance to question if I really need it. It’s great to help cut back on impulse spending and focus on my values”Lady FIRE